295 Australian Delegation, United Nations, to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram UN774 NEW YORK, 20 August 1947, 11.52 a.m.


Security 456. Indonesia.

Our UN772. [1]

Following is text of Chinese amendment to Australian resolution [2]:-

'Substitute for the paragraph numbered 3 the following three paragraphs.

3. Notes with satisfaction the statement by the Netherlands Government issued on August 11th [3] in which it affirms its intention to organize a sovereign democratic United States of Indonesia in accordance with the purpose of the Linggadjati agreement.

4. Notes that the Netherlands Government intend immediately to request the career Consuls stationed in Batavia jointly to report on the present situation in the Republic of Indonesia and to propose to the said Republic the appointment of an impartial State [by two States] [4] to be designated, one by the said Republic and one by the Netherlands Government, to inquire into the situation and to supervise the cease fire.

5. Resolves- (A) that the measures of Consular report and impartial inquiry and supervision be accepted by the Council as steps in the right direction;

(B) that the Consular body at Batavia and the impartial State be requested to forward copies of their reports to the Council; and (C) that should the situation require the Council will consider the matter further.'

1 Document 294.

2 See Documents 277 and 281.

3 See Document 279, note 2.

4 The words in square brackets (missing in the cabled text) have been inserted from the text of the Chinese amendment reproduced in United Nations, Security Council Official Records, Second Year, No.79, 187th and 188th Meetings, 19 August 1947, p.2067.

[AA:A1838/274, 854/10/4, iii]