304 Department of External Affairs to Consulate-General in Batavia [1]

Cablegram 246 CANBERRA, 28 August 1947


1. Eaton carries certain medical and other supplies which he is free to distribute as he may desire. He should, however, be most careful not to open any charge of discrimination. Please discuss with him.

2. Eaton should immediately obtain and report to us a factual list of allegations made by the Dutch on Indonesian breaches of the cease fire, and should then fly to Djokjakarta as soon as possible to obtain a similar list from Indonesians. These allegations should, if possible, be supported by eye-witness accounts and other evidence.

3. You may think it desirable to make preliminary arrangements for the safe conduct of Eaton's plane [2] to Djokjakarta both with the Dutch and Indonesians. This matter is left to your discretion. If necessary, we can use Radio Australia. We assume Dutch cooperation on fuel, etc. as Eaton is acting on the recommendation of the Security Council. Also report any difficulties.

4. Eaton should have a full background of the New York negotiations, and endeavour to secure confirmation of Sjahrir's recommendations that Australia should be Indonesia's nomination for the committee of three agreed by the Council. [3] This is urgent. Eaton has been given certain background statements on the history of the matter in the Security Council, and my immediately following telegram [4] summarises the resolutions taken by the Council in New York. Sjahrir has told Hodgson confidentially of his recommendation mentioned above.

5. If we are nominated by the Indonesians, we will send a suitable official for the committee with assistants. At that stage, it would be possible and desirable for Ballard to return and to assist from this end. Eaton should be clear that all his reports should come to us direct for transmission to New York. Similarly, any officer acting on mediation or arbitration should be in constant touch with us and receiving general directives.

1 See Document 303, note 4.

2 Arrangements had been made for Eaton (who flew to Darwin on 28 August) to be flown to Batavia by a Royal Australian Air Force Dakota aircraft which was to be at his disposal for his work as a member of the Consular Commission.

3 See Document 303.

4 Not printed.

[AA:A4355/2, 7/1/7/3]