316 Eaton to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 299 BATAVIA, 7 September 1947



Following are conclusions of report by French Consul-General and self [1] as a result of visit to South-Eastern Java, a round trip of approximately 500 miles from Jocjakarta:-

1. POLITICAL The Republican Government will in no way agree to or recognise the demarcation line defined by Van Mook in his speech on 29th August last [2], as a division of responsibility between the Dutch and Indonesians for maintenance of law and order.

2. That as a reply to Van Mook's statement of 29th August that the Dutch will disarm and wind-up Indonesian armed organisations within their own considered area of responsibility, the Republican Government have ordered that any movement of Dutch troops from stand fast positions at the time of the cease fire order to be resisted and attacked.

3. On the part of Indonesian officials so far met there is intense bitterness against the Dutch 'police action' and that the Indonesian present attitude is fanatical.

4. The Republican Government is placing complete reliance on the solution of Indonesian problems in U.N.O. [3]

5. MILITARY In comparison with the Dutch military organisation and equipment the Republican army in the area visited is both hopeless and pitiful.

6. Republican troops both regular and irregular and some H.Q. are within the Dutch area.

7. Organised resistance to Dutch troops movements by Republican troops is not possible and only guerilla and franc tireur actions can and will take place.

8. Considering previous paragraphs there is no possibility of the cease fire order being observed in the area visited in East Java.

9. Considering previous paragraphs it is quite impossible in our opinion in East Java to ascertain who fires first in the non- observance of the cease fire order and moreover would be a waste of time to attempt to do so.

10. GENERAL The present position of the Republican Government is that they are cut off from all communications with the outside world except for Radio Broadcasts and aeroplane, arrivals at Djocjakarta by Dutch permission. There is not at present any W/T [4] or telephone communications with Batavia.

11. In the area visited civil administration, organisation of public utilities and agricultural cultivation appear to be normal.

12. There is a shortage of materials, clothing and medical supplies but not of food.

13. Imports from the outside world are impossible.

14. The morale of the people appears high, they [welcomed the Consular Mission by waving individually and sometimes collectively along the route. There were several examples of Republic Government interest and accomplishment in social welfare.

16. Freedom of religion is permitted.] [5]

Full report being placed before Consular Mission Meeting tomorrow and if agreed will be submitted by Chairman direct to Security Council. Refer my 298, E4. [6]

1 The full text of the report is given in United Nations, Security Council Official Records, Second Year, Special Supplement No.4, pp.24-32.

2 On 29 August (prior to leaving Batavia), Van Mook issued a proclamation delineating the boundaries of the territory which had been occupied by Dutch forces prior to the cease-fire at midnight 4/5 August. The proclamation further stated that the authority of the Republican Government would not be recognised in the occupied area; that Republican officials unwilling to cooperate with the Dutch would be dismissed from their posts and sent to Republican territory; and that all armed organisations not recognising the authority of the Government of the NEI would be disarmed and disbanded. The text of the proclamation is given in United Nations, Security Council Official Records, Second Year, Special Supplement No.4, pp.130-3.

3 United Nations Organization.

4 Wireless/Telegraph.

5 The text in square brackets (missing in the cited copy) has been inserted from the copy on file AA:A1838/274, 854/10/4/1. The numbering of paragraphs in the two extant versions of this document is not consistent.

6 Document 315.

[AA:A4355/2, 7/1/7/3]