325 Australian Delegation, United Nations, to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram UN847 NEW YORK, 8 September 1947, 7.25 p.m.


Security 483.

Your UNY526. [1]


1. The Belgian Representative is out of New York until Wednesday and his Delegation have received no instructions from Brussels. We stressed the need for immediate action and the Belgians undertook to contact Langenhove. Meanwhile we discussed the procedure in general terms but it is clear that we cannot expect much progress until we are in a position to make concrete suggestions.

2. The following procedure is submitted for your approval- (A) Designation of third Member of Committee. We would appreciate advice a to country you have in mind with one or two alternatives.

For your information the United States have informed us they do not wish to be designated. The Indonesians here have indicated they do not want United States, U.S.S.R. or Poland and we gather they do not favour China or Brazil. They also assume Syria's too deeply committed on the Indonesian side to be considered. They would welcome designation of United Kingdom or Colombia. We presume, however, Eaton will have ascertained the views of the Indonesian Government. We have little indication as to whom the Belgians are likely to favour. Presumably they would agree to the United Kingdom but would prefer Brazil or China to Colombia.

(B) Advice to the Security Council of the designation of the third country.

(C) Appointment of a Secretariat Group to proceed to Indonesia.

(D) Appointment of Representatives by the three Governments and establishment of a Committee in Indonesia presumably with dual headquarters in Batavia and Djokjakarta.

(E) Election of Chairman of Committee and Organisation of its work.

(F) Commencement of the work of the Committee.

3. We believe that the Committee should interpret the resolution itself and avoid as far as possible referring back to the Council for instructions. It should, however, keep the Council constantly informed.

1 Document 318.

[AA:A1838/274, 854/10/4/2, i]