326 Massey to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 510 SINGAPORE, 9 September 1947, 6.38 p.m.


Your telegram No.474. [1] I saw Killearn at once. He was deeply appreciative of the request. He is however in a state of considerable emotion because your message has reached him almost simultaneously with a secret and personal letter from Sjarifoeddin expressing the Republican Government's hope that the United Kingdom will be the third mediating power, that Killearn himself will be Chairman of the Conference and that this will be held in Singapore. In his letter Sjarifoeddin asks that the Australian Government be informed this represents the official view of the Republican Cabinet. [2]

2. Killearn gave me a copy of the letter which is very long but of vital interest and is being sent to you by special air bag placing Lancastrian. It should reach Sydney Friday afternoon.

3. Killearn has asked in the circumstances to be given until tomorrow to reply to Prime Minister's message. [3]

1 Not located. Dispatched on 8 September, it is known to have conveyed a message from Chifley asking Killearn to serve as Australia's representative on the Committee of Three.

2 Sjarifuddin also expressed a personal belief 'that the Republic of Indonesia, when recognised as a sovereign state, will and must move rapidly towards the closest political, economic and cultural association and collaboration with the British Commonwealth of Nations'.

3 Killearn replied on 10 September that he would be glad to accept Chifley's request, provided his government did not object.

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