337 Evatt to Burton

Cablegram E4 NEW YORK, 17 September 1947, 5.24 p.m.


Reference your E.11. [1]

Spaak and I saw Marshall this morning and in view of reports regarding the United Kingdom [2] we made a joint request of the United States to nominate a third party. Marshall said the President must approve but he had no doubt the United States would act. [3] Our nominations, therefore, are very important and I would think on many grounds Kirby would be easily the best man.

Failing him Eaton might be a good choice. Do not think Reed or Simpson would be satisfactory for this job as function is one of conciliation not arbitration. Blakeley might be possibility.

1 Document 336.

2 See Document 333.

3 Marshall accepted the Australian-Belgian invitation to nominate a representative to serve on the Committee of Three on 18 September.

[AA:A9420/1, 2]