348 Department of External Affairs to Eaton

Cablegram 279 CANBERRA, 24 September 1947


The Prime Minister announced today that Mr. Justice R. C. Kirby, Judge of the Commonwealth Court of Conciliation and Arbitration, will be the Australian representative on the Committee of Three on Indonesia, set up by the Security Council.

2. Mr. Chifley said that he hoped the Committee would meet at Singapore at an early date, as the observations of the 'Cease Fire' order of the Security Council could not be maintained indefinitely, and depended upon the early commencement of negotiations for a permanent settlement. [1]

1 In response to a question in the House of Representatives on 25 September, Chifley also stated that while the Australian Government would extend every facility to Kirby in regard to the supply of information on the situation in Indonesia, it would 'not attempt to influence what may be regarded as a judicial judgment of His Honour in the matter'.

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