359 Eaton to Department of External Affairs

cablegram [337] [1] BATAVIA, 1 October 1947, 10.50 a.m.



Your telegram 285 first paragraph [2], I agree. Definite information intensified mopping up operations will occur immediately and if no immediate solution by Committee of Three probable further police action.

2. At yesterday's Mission meeting my part of joint report [3] submitted and accepted by quorum (American and Belgian Consuls- General absent). American Consul-General had stated that he was not prepared to sign any joint report until American Military observers proceed to field and report. Observers arrived yesterday. Both American and Belgian Consuls-General stated that they had definite information that American representative on the Committee of Three not officially appointed and there was no reason for urgency in submitting report.

3. At meeting I proposed that Security Council be approached for instructions regarding submission of joint report or delay until American Military observers submit their report. This not agreed on account of stated Russian influence and following telegram was despatched via British Foreign Office as Chairman was British Consul-General. Begins:-

Consular Commission has now completed its investigation although reports from some Military observers have yet to come in. Work has begun on the draft of main report which should be completed within two weeks. Ends.

4. Van Mook has stated his impressions in America were that the Security Council would not in any way be prepared to force decisions of Council and this is probably the reason for the present attitude.

5. At yesterday's meeting Belgian and American Consuls left before business concluded stating they had other business to attend.

Consider in present circumstances Consular Mission will rapidly degenerate and that no agreeable joint report is probable in the near future.

6. Consider all necessary ground covered by self and officers and that delay in awaiting compilation of joint report until completion of the report by American Military observers will detract all value of our joint report. Recommend consideration following:

(a) My immediate return to Australia with officers and to proceed if required to America with all information gained. [4]

(b) If required to return to Batavia possibly via Indies (KLM [5] Service-discussed with Officer) within two or three weeks for joint report purposes.

(c) Consulate to be left temporarily in the hands of Consul posted in accordance with previous recommendations [6] or Ballard to return.

(d) If agreed, procedure as follows: immediately during period of delay to return to Dili by own plane to obtain clothes and for personal reasons. At Dili to receive instructions from you to proceed to Canberra. At Darwin en route aeroplane to pick up Consul or Ballard and return to Batavia.

7. British, French and Chinese Consuls fully sympathise our views on delay but no positive action can be expected from France.

1 The cablegram number, missing on the cited copy, has been taken from the copy on file AA:A4355/2, 7/1/7/3.

2 Paragraph 1 of cablegram 285 conveyed the substance of paragraphs 2 and 3 of Document 358.

3 Not located.

4 In a minute to Burton on 2 October, McIntyre commented that it was essential for Eaton 'to stay on the spot to watch and report developments, and try to ginger up his colleagues to get on with their report'.

5 Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij (Royal Dutch Airlines).

6 See Document 346.

[AA:A1838/283, 403/3/1/1, xi]