375 Australian Delegation, United Nations, to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram UN971 NEW YORK, 13 October 1947



Council on October 11th continued discussion on Indonesia. Poland opposed delay on issue and spoke in support of Soviet resolution.


In moving our resolution [2] we emphasised need to obtain cessation of hostilities and ensure observance of cease fire order. We countered an American argument it would be contrary to Article 40 to call for any withdrawal of troops. In connection with Soviet resolution we stated it would not be practical at present time. We concluded by saying our resolution is practical and would bring a certain degree of stability.

United Kingdom opposed both Soviet and our resolutions on grounds of impracticability. United Kingdom proposed new resolution later accepting Belgian amendment. The revised text provides that the Committee of Three should establish demarcation line as first objective and that Consular Commission should make proposals to effect this.

France, Belgium and Netherlands all spoke against Australian resolution and supported United Kingdom proposal.

We made brief statement that United Kingdom proposal was outside powers of Committee of Three. It was a proposal for arbitration which did not solve problem now before Council that is securing observance of cease fire order. Meeting adjourned until Tuesday afternoon.

1 See Document 365.

2 See Document 371.

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