378 Eaton to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 361 BATAVIA, [15] [1] October 1947


Your telegram 300. [2]

Returned to Batavia 1400 hours October 15th. Joint [Report] [3] signed by all without major amendments. [4] Conclusions [5] paragraph 7 [6], 'as individuals' included after the word 'Dutch' as this had been omitted from the cable to Security Council apparently by mistake. As previously arranged report leaves Batavia October 16th for Singapore thence by Lancastrian to London and America. Expected to reach Security Council Monday October 21st.

2. Any action or talks with French Consul-General [7] not now necessary.

3. My opinion that report factual and impartial but for complete understanding should be read together with individual reports.

4. My view is definite that solution of demarcation problem is entirely political and that to attain cessation of hostilities complete retirement of forces of both sides from disputed territory is necessary and early establishment of joint police force which in any case must be achieved at some later stage.

Consider establishment of such police force should be the first consideration of the Committee of Three.

5. Gani seen and explanation given as requested. He is in complete agreement.

6. Regret my supplies of liquor had not arrived at Dili due to non-arrival of Corinda held at Darwin by strike. If possible request cases of Scotch Whisky.

7. Complete arrangements being made by the Dutch for Committee and staff whilst at Batavia and no difficulties at Djokjakarta.

Unfortunately Australian Consulate-General is not suitable for accommodation and entertainment of guests.

8. For your information two Belgian Military Observers remaining at Batavia for duties with Committee of Three. American Observers now in Sumatra and nothing definite regarding their future movements. If Australian Military Observers are to be attached to the Commission suggest Dyke return [8] or other senior Army Officer be provided 9. Republic Government requests that Australian aircraft be provided for movements of their Delegation as requested, no other means of transport being available.

10. Unless otherwise instructed own aircraft leaves Batavia and arrives at Darwin October 17th with joint report as despatched to Security Council then to proceed to R.A.A.F. Station Schofields for terminal inspection which will allow further 100 hours flying.

Be available Sydney October 22nd for return with Committee to Batavia but must be realised aircraft only fitted with two comfortable seats remainder bucket seats. Alternative own aircraft to remain in Batavia with 50 hours flying time and Committee proceed to Batavia in comfort by civil aircraft. In view of difficult flying conditions consider advisable captain of aircraft with local knowledge remain for air transport for Committee of Three.

1 The date is that given on a copy on file AA:A4357/2, 48/252, i.

The cited copy is dated 16 October.

2 Document 376.

3 Omitted in the cited copy, the word 'Report' has been inserted from a copy on file AA:A4357/2, 48/252, i.

4 The joint report was signed by all members of the Consular Commission with the exception of Eaton on 14 October. Eaton signed on 15 October. The full text of the report (including annexes) is given in United Nations, Security Council Official Records, Second Year, Special Supplement No.4.

5 A sign here reads 'as received'.

6 See Document 372.

7 See Document 376 and note 2 thereto.

8 See Document 372, note 2.

[AA:A1838/274, 854/10/4/2, i]