384 Kirby to Eaton

Cablegram SYDNEY, 20 October 1947

Following communication addressed to the Prime Minister of the Government of the Indonesian Republic by the Chairman of the Security Council's Good Offices Committee [on] Indonesian question as approved by Committee first meeting today Sydney.

Request transmit text to Indonesian Government and transmit their reply [to] Chairman. Also request transmit text Belgian and United States Consuls Batavia for information, and inform the Netherlands East Indies Government that similar text cabled The Hague today.

Following is text.

'Prime Minister Republic Indonesia Jogjakarta.

Your Excellency, The Committee of Good Offices of the United Nations Security Council, appointed pursuance terms Security Council Resolution on Indonesian question dated 25th August, now assembled Sydney and proceeding with work.

Being mindful desire of parties for early settlement, and being anxious for their co-operation, Committee desirous, as part of initial programme, of meeting representatives of your Government any place Indonesia mutually convenient, and also of meeting, in same way, representatives of Government of Netherlands.

Committee anxious proceed Indonesia without delay to acquaint itself with situation on spot.

As Chairman of Committee, have been directed inform your Government of Committee's desires in this regard. Confidently anticipating your Government's cooperation with programme of Committee, and your Government's assistance in furtherance of its mission. Committee, together with Secretariat and Staff numbering about eighteen, is prepared leave for Indonesia soon as transportation available which it expects by Thursday 23rd October.

Committee would appreciate early answer to when and where possible for representatives your Government to meet Committee in Indonesia. After arrival Indonesia, Committee will decide further itinerary in consultation with parties concerned.

Committee further directed me inform you that communication in similar terms being addressed at same time to Government of Netherlands. Have honour be, Your obedient servant, Richard C. Kirby, Chairman Good Offices Committee Indonesian Question, care Department External Affairs, Government of Australia, Science Building, Gloucester Street, SYDNEY.' [1]

1 Kirby's message was retransmitted to Djokjakarta by radio. The Republican Government replied via Gani and Eaton on 24 October that it was anxious to meet the Committee of Good offices as soon as possible, that discussions outside Indonesia were preferred, and that the Government was prepared to agree to discussions anywhere else provided they were not held in Dutch-controlled territory.

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