385 Australian Delegation, United Nations, to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram UN1018 NEW YORK, 22 October 1947, 8.13 p.m.


Security 510.

Your UNY637 [1], no vote yet taken.

Council continued discussion on Indonesia today. Final Consular report without annexes distributed at meeting. Annexes not available till the end of the week. Philippines proposed that M.S.C. [2] should assist in securing implementation of cease fire order. United States spoke in support of their resolution, our Security 509. [3]

Netherlands delivered long address on familiar lines justifying their position and asserting it was not possible to observe cease fire order literally. Steps were necessary to protect civilian Chinese etc. Criticised United States resolution as being too theoretical and suggested deletion of section calling for cessation of 'activities which directly or indirectly contravene' the cease fire order.

Soviet criticised Consular report as being outside terms of reference of Commission and not objective. Asserted Council should take action to secure cessation of hostilities and appealed for support for Soviet resolution. [4]

Chairman then suggested adjournment of meeting till Monday to enable study of full Consular report and annexes.

Soviet Union, Australia and Colombia all urged for meeting to be held this week arguing that full report was sufficient for decision on cessation of hostilities. Proposal to hold meeting this week received only five votes. Next meeting to be held Monday.

1 Dispatched on 22 October, it sought confirmation of press reports of decisions take. by the Security Council regarding the cease-fire in Indonesia.

2 The Military Sub-Commission of the Consular Commission.

3 Dispatched on 21 October, cablegram UN1008 (Security 509) reported that the United States Delegation had circulated a draft resolution calling on the parties to consult with each other in order to give effect to the cease-fire order and requesting the Committee of Good Offices to assist the parties to reach agreement on that point.

4 See Document 365.

[AA:A1068/1, ER47/23/4]