387 Australian Delegation, United Nations, to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram UN1022 NEW YORK, 23 October 1947, 12.08 p.m.


Security 511. Your UNY644. [1]

Following is full text of American resolution.

The Security Council- Having received and taken note of the summaries of the report of the Consular Commission dated 11th October 1947 [2], indicating that the Council's resolution of 1st August 1947 relating to the cessation of hostilities has not been fully effective;

Having taken particular note of paragraph one of that summary pointing out that no attempt was made by either side to come to an agreement with the other about the means of giving effect to that resolution;

Calls upon the parties concerned forthwith to consult with each other as to the means to be employed in order to give effect to the cease-fire resolution, and pending agreement to cease any activities which directly or indirectly contravene that resolution;

Requests the Committee of Good Offices to assist the parties in reaching agreement on an arrangement which will ensure the observance of the cease-fire resolution;

Requests the Consular Commission, together with its military assistants, to make its services available to the Committee of Good Offices. [3]

1 Document 386.

2 See Document 372.

3 In an annotation dated 24 October on the cited copy, Shann commented as follows: 'This appears to me to take matters back to pre-cease-fire stage & to make the machinery set up so intermingled and confused as to be incomprehensible.'

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