392 Department of External Affairs to Eaton

Cablegram 317 CANBERRA, 28 October 1947, 3.30 p.m.


The following message intercepted early this morning from Djokjakarta Radio:

Communication to the Chairman of Committee of Good Offices of the United Nations Security Council from Dr. Sjarifoeddin, Prime Minister of the Republic of Indonesia.

In reply to your communication [1] which has been forwarded by Vice President Dr. Gani, I have the honour to address to you the following message:-

'The Government of the Republic of Indonesia wishes to extend to the Committee of Good Offices of the United Nations Security Council a most cordial welcome, on its arrival in Indonesia. [2] The Government wishes to express its sincere and deep-felt hope that this moment may be the beginning of a speedy and effective procedure in finding a just and lasting solution to the Indonesian-Dutch dispute. The Indonesian Government wishes to make it clear that if, by some reason or other, no speedy communication or contact could be arranged in regard to the proposed visit of the Committee to the Republican territory, the Republican Government cannot take formal responsibility for such a delay. The Republican Government deeply regrets that in this respect no efficient co-operation could be obtained on the part of the Dutch Authorities in Djokjakarta. The Indonesian Government is unanimous in its desire to arrange and facilitate a visit of the Committee of Good Offices to Djokjakarta at the Committee's earliest convenience, in order that preliminary discussions be held regarding the procedure of the coming negotiations. The Indonesian Government thereby wishes to emphasise its view that the discussions between both parties should not be held anywhere in Dutch-controlled or Dutch-occupied areas, but that such discussions should be held in a place outside Indonesia which is beyond any Indonesian-Dutch controversy. The Indonesian Government believes that such a procedure could certainly contribute to create the necessary conditions which may ultimately lead to a successful settlement. On the eve of the coming discussions on the Indonesian-Dutch dispute the Government of the Republic of Indonesia wishes to express its hope and belief that the Committee of Good Offices may accomplish its great task in a spirit of impartiality, understanding and democratic approach, such as has been incorporated in the Charter of the United Nations. The Indonesian Government and the Indonesian people ate most strongly determined to adhere to this spirit and to the principles of international understanding, of which the despatch of the Committee to Indonesia by the Security Council is a clear proof.

The Indonesian Government is fully prepared to facilitate the Committee's work in order that it may carry out its task successfully.'

1 See Document 390.

2 The Committee of Good Offices had arrived at Batavia on 27 October.

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