400 Australian Delegation, United Nations, to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram UN1057 NEW YORK, 31 October 1947, 11.42 p.m.


Security 516.

1. Council held two meetings Friday.

2. Netherlands spoke at length justifying their position. Opposed Soviet [1], Australian [2] and Polish resolutions. [3]

3. [China] [4] repeated opposition to Soviet and Australian resolutions. Suggested various amendments to United States resolution [5] namely: paragraph 3 line 2, insert after 'other', 'either directly or through the Committee of Good Offices'; line 4, after 'activities', 'or incitement to activities'; line 5, after resolution', 'and to take appropriate measures for safeguarding life and property'; paragraph 6, line 2, delete from 'its' to 'permitting', in line 5, add after '1947', 'is inconsistent with the spirit of the Council resolution of August 1st'.

4. Gromyko spoke in support of the Soviet proposal at the same time strongly condemning the United States resolution.

5. Brazil emphasised [6] and to use Committee of Three and supported United States resolution.

6. Cadogan was opposed to the Soviet, Polish and Australian proposals. He said he would support United States resolution and would consider any amendments.

7. Colombia emphasised the delay the Council had experienced in reaching any decision.

8. At the conclusion of the debate, the Soviet resolution was put to vote and was supported by Australia, Colombia, Poland and Soviet Union. United Kingdom, United States, France and Belgium voted against. The remainder abstained.

9. Before the vote on the Australian resolution we accepted Soviet amendment altering 5 kilometres to 25. In addition to ourselves Soviet Union, Poland, Colombia and Syria voted in favour of resolution. Belgium voted against. Remainder abstained.

10. After defeat of Australian resolution we moved our amendment to United States proposal. [7] Belgium also submitted amendment providing that there should be no substantial alteration to territory occupied on August 4th.

11. In an effort to reach agreement a sub-committee consisting of United States, Australia, Belgium and China has been set up. This sub-committee will report to meeting of Council Saturday morning.

1 See Document 365.

2 See Document 371.

3 See Document 397.

4 The text incorrectly reads 'Aranha'.

5 See Documents 387 and 394.

6 A portion of the text appears to have been lost in transmission.

The representative of Brazil objected to the draft resolutions submitted by the Soviet Union, Australia and Poland; called on the Security Council to utilise the services of the Committee of Good offices to obtain a complete cessation of hostilities; and to that end expressed 'full support' for the United States draft resolution.

7 See Document 397 and note 6 thereto.

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