449 Committee of Good Offices to Special Committees of the Indonesian Republic and the Netherlands

Memorandum S/AC.10/CONF.1/9 BATAVIA, 3 December 1947



1. That each party should present a map to the representatives of the Committee of Good Offices [2] on which it defines the demilitarized zones that it submits should divide Netherlands occupied and Republican occupied areas.

2. That each party should present arguments to the representatives of the Committee in support of its contention that the demilitarized zones should be established as claimed by it.

3. That each party, in addressing its arguments -and making its submissions to the representatives of the Committee should have regard to the following factors:

(a) the military positions of the various elements of both forces as at 4 August 1947;

(b) the welfare of local populations;

(c) the administrative areas in existence as at 4 August and 20 November in or near to the demilitarized zones suggested by both parties;

(d) the geographical and topographical features of the proposed demilitarized zones and surrounding districts;

(e) the fact that zones in different areas may vary in width when the matters in (b), (c) and (d) above are taken into account.

4. That the parties should be at liberty to present their arguments and submissions partly by writing and partly orally, and that the written documents in support of a party's arguments and submissions should be delivered without delay to the representatives of the Committee and to the other party; and that the oral arguments and submissions be made to the representatives of the Committee in the presence and hearing of the duly designated representatives of the other party.

5. That in the event the parties do not agree, the representatives of the Committee should propose to the parties delimitations of the demilitarized zones which the parties would be asked to accept.

6. That the representatives of the Committee, in arriving at these proposals, should carefully consider the arguments and submissions of the parties having regard to the matters set out in paragraph (3) above.

7. That on the parties agreeing to this plan, each party should have its troops stand fast and cease fire in their present positions.

8. That the matters agreed upon at that date by the parties through their Special Committees should be incorporated in this agreement and put into immediate effect.

9. That the parties should agree that as soon as the demilitarized zones mentioned above are accepted by the parties:

(a) there should be an immediate resumption of normal trade and intercourse between the demilitarized zones, all Netherlands occupied areas, and all Republican occupied areas; and as far as practicable the parties should endeavour to facilitate such trade and intercourse;

(b) all forces of each party in any area accepted as a demilitarized zone or in any area on the other party's side of a demilitarized zone, should under supervision of military assistants of the Committee of Good Offices and with arms and warlike equipment move peacefully to the territory on the party's own side of the demilitarized zone.

10. That the representatives of the Committee should further make suggestions concerning the method of control of, and maintenance of law and order in, the demilitarized zones.

1 The plan was drafted by Kirby and was adopted by the Committee of Good Offices after amendment to paragraph 6 (see Document 453).

It was forwarded to the Special Committees of the Netherlands and the Republic of Indonesia on 3 December under cover of a letter by the chairman of the representatives of the Committee of Good Offices (see Document 416, note 6).

2 See Document 416, note 6.

[AA:AA1979/294/1, BOX 1]