459 Sjarifuddin to Chifley

Letter DJAKARTA, 8 December 1947

In the first place I have the honour to convey to you, on behalf of the Government and the people of the Republic of Indonesia, the expression of our deeply felt appreciation for the readiness on the part of Australia to become member of the Security Council's Good Offices Committee on the Indonesian Question. I deem it very fortunate indeed that Justice Richard C. Kirby has been appointed to assume the Australian seat in the Good Offices Committee, since in our opinion he is fully qualified to view the Indonesian problem in its true perspective.

Although I am thoroughly satisfied of the important position Mr.

Justice Kirby is occupying in the conduct of the affairs of the Australian nation which should make him almost indispensable at home, I do cherish the hope that he may be able to continue carrying out his task in the Committee of Good Offices. [1]

The same measure of appreciation has been realized as well towards the work of the Australian members in the Technical Committee that is charged with the task of attending to problems related with the cease hostilities order. [2]

It is to be regretted that in those military matters the discussions have encountered difficulties in the course of the search for ways and means to implement the Security Council's resolution of November 1st, 1947, whereas I trust that the world at large wants to see a clear demonstration that all efforts have been directed energetically towards the achievement of early results.

However, in this respect it appears that immediate results cannot be obtained easily, due to the fact that the Dutch are reluctant to give their cooperation for the implementation of abovementioned resolution. Just at the moment when a deadlock was imminent, the Technical Committee introduced a new draft proposal [3] with a view to applying a different approach that should be capable of safeguarding the cease hostilities order, whilst afterwards problems pertaining to the resumption of economic traffic and the re-establishment of more normal living conditions can be tackled.

I fully appreciate this method of finding a way out and the Indonesian Technical Committee has already agreed to this procedure. I understand that in this matter we are very much obliged to the Australians for having taken the initiative. Allow me to recommend the new approach for consideration and appraisal by the Australian Government.

In conclusion I would like to give expression to our earnest desire that the good relations between Australia and the Indonesian Republic may prosper for our mutual benefit.

I avail myself of this opportunity to extend to you, Sir, the renewed assurance of my highest consideration. [4]

1 This letter was handed to Kirby prior to his departure from Batavia on 9 December (see Document 454 and note 3 thereto).

Sjarifuddin led the Republican Delegation at the Renville Conference.

2 See Document 416, note 6.

3 Document 449 and note 1 thereto.

4 Chifley acknowledged Sjarifuddin's letter on 18 December.

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