462 Australian Delegation, United Nations, to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram UN1211 NEW YORK, 10 December 1947, 10.18 p.m.


Security 537. Indonesia.

Our UN1200 Security 534 [1], paragraph 5.

1. Indonesian Representative informed us yesterday that he intends to make statement on these matters at earliest opportunity, presumably next meeting. He said that he had been informed that Committee of Three had discussed question of Madoera [2] and that his Government felt Dutch action should be brought to attention of Council. He did not suggest that the Council should take any action.

2. Result of discussion in Council on continuance of Australia on Committee was reasonably satisfactory. France answered as United States spoke strongly in favour of Australia continuing.

Both Poland and United States stressed that in spite of fact that one member of the Committee would not be a member of the Council Committee would continue to be a subsidiary organ of the Council as responsible to it. This was a useful point to establish as additional ground for our participation in Council debates on Indonesia next year.

1 Document 455.

2 See Document 457, paragraph 6.

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