470 Department of External Affairs to Critchley

Cablegram 19 CANBERRA, 16 December 1947, 1 p.m.


Judge Kirby [1] desires Committee of Three to communicate to President Security Council by telegraph most urgently full text of Document [S/AC.10/CONF.1/9] [2], which is restricted document giving plan for truce together with covering letter. Judge Kirby realises this is a restricted document, but Security Council will be discussing progress so far and will be seeking information as to plans which have been put forward. Judge Kirby is emphatic that 'restricted' cannot mean that the document cannot be communicated to the body for which the Committee is acting.

2. For your own information, time factor is vital, as Security Council discussions commence Tuesday New York time. Please endeavour to arrange for immediate, in clear despatch, and advise us when message has been sent.

3. If and when you succeed in having text sent you should then but only then endeavour to have report sent indicating delays which have taken place in supplying information asked for [3] in writing including maps, Madura information etc.

1 Kirby visited the Department of External Affairs in Canberra on 16 December.

2 Document 449. The reference given in the cited copy incorrectly reads 'S.A.C. 10 Conference 1st September'.

3 This is possibly a reference to Gromyko's call for more frequent reports by the Committee of Good Offices to the Security Council (see Document 461).

[AA:A1838/274, 854/10/4/2, ii]