495 Burton to Kirby

Cablegram 411 CANBERRA, 31 December 1947, 8.30 p.m.


Reference Critchley's telegram K.32. [1]

Every effort should be made to press Dutch to accept statement of principles contained in Annex 2 of Committee's plan. [2] We had anticipated that they would be prepared to accept Annex 1 [3] in general, but we fear they may invoke further delays over consideration of Annex 2. You will be best able to judge whether anything can be achieved on lines of paragraph 10(a) of K.32 without further prejudice to Republican position; it would appear that in any event early publication by Committee of its full plan, together with annexes, as a document representing Committee's unanimous agreement, would have salutary effect.

1 Document 494.

2 See Document 490.

3 See Document 489.

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