81 Officer to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram Hague 89 THE HAGUE, 10 June 1947, 7.05 p.m.


My telegram 88-Indonesia. [1]

The Indonesian reply was published this morning. [2] It has no doubt been reported in the Australian press and I will send a copy by next bag.

2. Although the Dutch describe it as 'disappointing' and showing a desire to hang [3], it appears at first sight to be anything but a negative reply but, on the contrary, to provide a basis on which working arrangements could be built if the Dutch have necessary suppleness, and forget for once their dependence on strict juristic terms.

3. It seems that the intended United Kingdom and the United States of America representations at Djokjakarta were late or not made at all, respectively [4], but it is hoped both will now urge on both parties the need for patient negotiations.

1 Document 76.

2 See Document 80.

3 A sign here indicates 'as received'.

4 See Documents 79 and 88.

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