201 Chifley to Addison

Letter CANBERRA, 9 September 1947


I refer to paragraphs 5 of my cablegram No.399 of 23rd November, 1946, your cablegram No.393 of 13th December, 1946, and my cablegram No.78 of 28th March, 1947, relative to the drawing up of a satisfactory Agreement between the United Kingdom and Australian Governments to cover all aspects of the Long Range Weapons project.

2. I am forwarding herewith three copies of a memorandum [1] on 'Matters to be included in the Draft Agreement between the Australian and United Kingdom Governments', dealing with all aspects, other than financial, which the Australian Government considers should be included in the final Agreement. Lieutenant- General Evetts has been consulted in the preparation of the enclosed draft.

3. It is proposed that a separate financial agreement should be negotiated in regard to the allocation of the costs of the Long Range Weapons Project as between the respective Governments, when detailed estimates of the costs involved are available.

4. The enclosed memorandum is forwarded as a basis for discussion, and it would be appreciated if advice could be furnished in due course of the views of the United Kingdom authorities, including any suggestions they may wish to offer for variations or additions considered-desirable for incorporation in the Agreement in its final form.

5. On receipt of the views of the United Kingdom authorities, action will be taken by the Australian Government to prepare a final Agreement, covering all aspects other than financial, on the basis of the draft approved by the two Governments.

(Sgd) J.B. CHIFLEY Prime Minister

1 Not published.

[AA: A5954/1, 1643/5]