205 Australian Government to Addison

Cablegram 149 CANBERRA, 19 June 1947


Your 122 and 123.

We have steadfastly declined yielding to the United States on Manus except as part of a plan of regional defence or in return for reciprocal rights. We have adhered strictly to the agreement made at the London Conference of Prime Ministers, that is, we would insist upon principle of reciprocity in any arrangement concerning Manus, such reciprocity to be for the benefit of the United Kingdom and New Zealand as well as Australia. At one time, the United States offered us facilities in Samoa and Canton in return for rights at Manus. The United States has been responsible for many months' delay and your telegrams under reference show that the United States is even now endeavouring to play off our interests one against another.

2. In all the circumstances, we suggest that, before the matter is discussed further, a full examination of the position is made, preferably at the August Conference to be held at Canberra.

[AA : A6494 T1, 1/6]