226 Shaw to Burton

Cablegram Dept 391 TOKYO, 25 October 1947


Your telegram 645. [1]

1. My Despatch 3 was based on informal conversations which I had with Lieutenant General E.C. Whitehead, Commanding Officer of the Far Eastern Air Force, and Brigadier General Wolfe, Commander of the U.S. 5th Air Force. It is not possible for me to re-check the information and opinions quoted (see the latter half of paragraph 1 of Despatch 3).

2. Details of the Military strength in Despatch 4 were given verbally by Brigadier General Willoughby, Chief Reporting Officer, 2nd Section G.H.Q. SCAP at a briefing at G.H.Q. at which I was present. Willoughby's [tendency] [2] would be to over emphasise the danger of a Soviet attack, but I know no reason to doubt his belief in the accuracy of the figures quoted.

3. You must bear in mind that I have neither military experience nor advisers. There is no occasion for me as a civilian to make formal requests for Military Intelligence from American sources, nor do I believe that it would be forthcoming even if I were a high ranking Service Officer. I am not in touch with B.C.O.F.

Intelligence Organisation whose headquarters are in the Kure Area.

My information must be based on purely social contacts and its value assessed in the light of the limitations of my knowledge [of] subjects involved and of my [experience]. [3]

4. I am reasonably certain that original of Despatch 3 and three carbon copies were sent in a sealed envelope addressed to Mr.

Chifley as Acting Minister for External Affairs, enclosed in a covering envelope also addressed to the Acting Minister. We hold only one carbon copy in this office. Would you please check again at your end and advise as I am greatly concerned over the possible loss of the copies. We shall strictly adhere to the instructions.

1 Dispatched 23 October. In view of the 'very great importance' of Dispatches 3 and 4, and the fact that the information would be assessed by others, it asked that sources be quoted in every case.

It also instructed that only one original of such dispatches be sent, addressed to Burton.

2 A sign here indicates 'word apparently omitted'. The word in square brackets was inserted by hand.

3 The word 'exploits' was deleted by hand and the word 'experience' inserted.

[AA : A1068 T4, DL47/5/8c]