23 Evatt and Burton to Hood

Cablegram 75 CANBERRA, 15 March 1947, 11.30 p.m.


Your 110 gives us the first clear account that we have had. It is clear that non-aggression pacts between Greece, Yugoslavia, Albania and Bulgaria can have no satisfactory effect if the present Greek Government merely takes advantage of these pacts to proceed against left-wing political minorities in Greece.

2. Since your report the United States has announced economic assistance to Greece. While there may be conditions attached these were not announced. We agree that there should be conditions imposed such as an early election.

3. Meanwhile the Commission should recommend the conclusion of non-aggression pacts but [to] be negotiated by Governments freely elected from representatives of all parties.

4. Consideration should also be given to the Commission remaining in Greece until those elections are held. Time is an important factor and the report should be made with the least possible delay and attended to in the Security Council immediately.

5. Please advise immediately the reaction of other members of the Commission to such a proposal and what steps the Commission would be prepared to recommend to the Security Council to ensure that the recommendations of the Commission, when approved by the Security Council, are carried into effect.

6. We are very pleased with difficult work of yourself Chapman and Atyeo. We should like your assessment of the value of Australia's participation and the services of these officers.

[AA : A1068, E47/16/4/1, i]