234 Lifanov to Evatt

Letter [1] CANBERRA, 8 July 1947

In connection with your letter of July 2nd I am instructed to inform you that by the motives expounded in the note of May 23rd of this year the Soviet Government has already rejected the demarche undertaken by you on the installation of the microphones as if by Soviet Authorities taken place in the building of the Australian Legation in Moscow. At the present time it follows its statement made in the note of May 23rd and does not see the necessity to return to this problem.

As to the position of the Australian Legation in Moscow it is known that the Legation enjoys all diplomatic privileges on the equal footing with diplomatic representatives of other countries in the USSR and the Soviet Government considers that there is not any ground for discussion of this question.

1 The file copy is headed 'Inofficial Translation'.

[AA: A1838, TS4626/1/5, 1]