240 Beasley and Hodgson to Evatt

Cablegram 18 LONDON, 15 January 1947, 6.25 p.m.

Australian paper was the only one discussed at this morning's meeting of the Deputies on Germany. France, United Kingdom and United States strongly supported our proposals.

The Soviet Delegate flatly refused to entertain them on grounds anticipated, namely as quite outside their instructions.

Further the Soviet refuses- (1) To circulate to other states any papers submitted by any representative.

(2) To allow even attendance of representatives during the verbal hearing of a state.

The Deputies will discuss the motion this afternoon that representatives of Australia be allowed to put their views verbally to the Deputies on this question. Strang anticipates another deadlock on this. Hodgson enlisted full support of the French Delegate for our proposals last night.

If our proposals and oral request are rejected we propose to issue to the press the text of our communication on procedure to the Deputies as well as statement on position.

[AA : A1068, E47/15/5/2/11]