249 Beasley to Evatt

Cablegram 59 LONDON, 14 February 1947, 6.40 p.m.


As referred to in my telegram 58, P.T.17, I got into touch with Addison from [1] and further pressed the serious view taken by you in regard to British Government's attitude in connection with procedure.

Addison maintained that this had met us on some points but could not do so on the question of the final conference as they could not obtain support of France or Russia.

Regarding consultation with interested parties, I mentioned this was still rather vague as the degree of consultation was not being defined and interested parties might be the subject of varying interpretation.

Addison advanced the view that if there is full consultation and 'interested parties' covers all Allied countries, the final conference will be less important.

I feel that the Soviet will demand a restricted interpretation of these two points and your attitude of pressing our full demand is correct.

Meeting of Dominion High Commissioners with Addison next Wednesday on a final review before Moscow Conference and I shall again take the firm attitude as suggested in your message.

1 A sign here indicates 'mutilated'.

[AA : A1068, E47/15/5/2/11]