25 Australian Delegation, United Nations, to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram UN618 NEW YORK, 28 June 1947, 12.53 p.m.


1. Security Council commenced discussion of Report of Balkan Commission 27th June. United States opened debate in a statement which after referring to Greece's record against the Axis upheld the conclusions of the Commission. They stated that the Commission was justified in its conclusions on the evidence before it and emphasised the guilt of Yugoslavia, Albania and Bulgaria, pointing out that invasion by organised armies is not the only means of attacking a country but that 'force is effectively used today through devious methods of infiltration, intimidation and subterfuge'. They mentioned that it is the duty of the Council to take necessary action to prevent further support of Greek guerillas by its northern neighbours. They attempted, however, to forestall a detailed discussion of the evidence and findings which is generally anticipated on the part of the Soviet and Poland proposals. In particular they emphasised the necessity to establish an agency of the Security Council in the area to use its good offices under Article 33 of the Charter for the settlement of disputes in this area. The United States Government was stated to attach great importance to this proposal and [it] was hinted that enforcement action might be necessary if the position became more aggravated. They stated that at this stage the Security Council should continue to act under Chapter VI of the Charter, 'bearing in mind that if the acts and practices found by the Investigation Commission should continue, the Council will be compelled to consider that there is no longer a dispute but that there exists a threat to the peace, breach of the peace or an act of aggression within the meaning of Chapter VII of the Charter'.

2. The United States submitted a resolution that the Security Council adopt the proposals made by the majority of the Commission as follows- (A) The Security Council appeal to Greece, Albania, Bulgaria and Yugoslavia to refrain from violence and future instances of armed bands crossing from one country to another would be considered a threat to the peace under Chapter VII.

(B) The Council asked the four Governments to agree to new Frontier Convention.

(C) A Commission composed of representatives of all members of the Council be established to use its good offices under Article 33, to assist in the negotiation of the new Frontier Conventions, to assist in other bilateral agreements for the pacific settlement of frontier disputes, to assist in the implementation of the recommendations made under (D) below, to supervise the arrangements for transfer of minorities under (E) below, and to have such other duties and powers as the Council may determine.

The Commission should commence its work as soon as practicable and remain in existence until 31st August, 1949, before which date the Security Council should review the necessity for its continuance.

(D) The Security Council recommend removing refugees as far as possible from countries of origin.

(E) Security Council study the possibility of a voluntary transfer of minorities among the four nations.

3. Albania made a long statement going into the details of the evidence before the Commission and alleging that Greece was responsible for all the troubles on the frontier.

4. Bulgaria made a statement denying its guilt and stating that it was prepared to accept the first part of (A) and (B) of the United States proposals but not (C).

5. The Council will resume its discussions on 1st July.

[AA : A1838, 854/10/7, ii]