29 Department of External Affairs to Australian Delegation, United Nations

Cablegram 435,


Your U.N. 728.

We must make every effort to see that the prestige which Council has gained over Indonesia is not at once dissipated over Greece.

If you think that following outline of compromise resolution on Balkans might secure acceptance put it forward:-

(1) The Security Council determines that the situation on the northern borders of Greece constitutes a threat to the peace under Article 39 of the Charter.

(2) The Security Council calls on the parties involved, namely Greece, Albania, Yugoslavia and Bulgaria to cease all acts of provocation.

(3) On the evidence before it the Security Council does not feel itself in a position to decide as to who is to blame for the situation.

(4) The Security Council in accordance with Article 40 therefore directs that Greece on the one hand and Albania, Yugoslavia and Bulgaria on the other hand should at once enter into direct negotiation in an endeavour to remove tension at present existing and with a view to the resumption of normal and peaceful diplomatic relations.

(5) The progress of the negotiations shall be reported to the Security Council, and considered by it, not later than September 6th, 1947.

2. In putting forward this resolution you should- (a) point out that the second part of it gives adequate opportunity to U.S.S.R. and the United States to go on record as to their views.

(b) appeal to those countries to prove the workability of the Security Council machinery by showing their unanimity of their determination that the United Nations shall succeed and (c) suggest an adjournment of 3 days before a decision is taken to enable representatives to consult their Governments.

3. We are guided in this, as you should stress, by the conviction that if the United Nations is to work it must work now, and that the time has passed for unbending adherence to solutions entirely satisfactory to any one nation. [1]

1 The Australian draft resolution, with others, was referred to a Security Council sub-committee.

[AA : A1838,854/10/14, ii]