293 Australian Government to Addison

Cablegram 18 CANBERRA, 21 January 1947, 11.20 a.m.


Reference paragraph 3 of our 17 (Japanese Mandated Islands). [1] Following is text of message given to Dr. Evatt on 13th December by the United States Ambassador at Canberra on instructions from United States Government:-

'The United States hopes and desires that in the formulation of the peace treaty with Japan Australia will participate on a full and equal basis, and that negotiations and drafting will take place outside the Far Eastern Commission.

The United States Government expects that the Russians will insist upon a much more limited group for these negotiations, as illustrated by their attitude about the German treaty, and it is of course impossible to predict what final arrangements will be made for negotiating the Japanese treaty. Nevertheless, Dr. Evatt may be assured of the United States Government's desire for full and equal participation for Australia.'

1 Document 448.

[AA : A1068, P47/10/61/10, i]