297 Evatt to Beasley and Makin

Cablegrams 87, 284 CANBERRA, 10 March 1947, 4.15 p.m.


Moscow Conference.

1. So far as we are aware, the agenda for Moscow does not contain any item regarding the Pacific Settlement.

2. By way of precaution, however, you should make clear to the United Kingdom (United States) Government our assumption and insistence that there shall be no discussion or decision by the Council of Foreign Ministers at Moscow regarding the Pacific Settlement with Japan. [1]

1 On 12 March Beasley reported that Addison had been unable to assure him that discussions on the Pacific would not take place in Moscow. He had subsequently conveyed Evatt's representations as a formal communication from the Australian Government.

[AA : A.1068, E47/41/3/2]