304 Addison to Australian Government

Cablegram D367 LONDON, 11 April 1947, 8.36 p.m.


You will no doubt have seen recent statement by General MacArthur regarding need for early peace settlement with Japan.

It seems to us possible that arising out of this United States Government may propose to us a[t] short notice that peace settlement with Japan should be concluded at an early date and we have been considering position in consultation with Mr. Bevin at Moscow.

It is our firm intention not to enter into any discussions with other countries regarding the procedure or substance of the Japanese settlement or indeed to formulate our own views on these matters without first having had a full opportunity of consultation with the Dominion Governments. Accordingly we should now like to propose that as the next step a meeting should take place in London as early as possible between Commonwealth Governments to consider the policy with a view to an approach to the United States Government as the next step.

We should be very glad to learn if your Government would wish to take part in such a conference and if so whom they would wish to represent them for the purpose.

[AA : A1838, 481/1]