34 Hodgson to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram UN773 NEW YORK, 19 August 1947, 8.48 p.m.



Both Australian and United States resolutions defeated by veto this evening.

1. I saw Gromyko this morning and told him we felt obliged to go ahead with our resolution and that if it was defeated we would support U.S.A. He indicated that his position had not changed. I advanced the suggestion of an Arbitration Commission, but he said it was unacceptable.

2. I spoke first in the Council and urged the adoption of our resolution. I pointed out that all members of the Council were agreed that a threat to peace existed though decision could not be reached on question of [blame], that resolution did not impute blame and proposed provisional measures only. I accepted the U.S.

amendments referring to frontier incidents and to interim observation by subsidiary group.

3. Poland, Albania and Yugoslavia spoke against and Greece in support. Voting was U.S.S.R. and Poland against, remainder in favour.

4. Johnson then asked that the U.S. resolution be put to the vote, Bulgaria spoke against. I made a brief statement to the effect that as veto had prevented acceptance of our just, equitable and conciliatory resolution we would support the U.S. resolution based on the findings of the Commission of Investigation and reports of subsidiary group. Voting was the same as on our resolution.

5. The President ruled that as no decision had been taken to the contrary the Commission and the subsidiary group continue in examination. Gromyko said they had exhausted their task and should be liquidated but did not submit resolution. [1]

1 With Australian approval, the Council on 15 September removed the Greek issue from its agenda so that, again with Australian approval, it could be taken up by the General Assembly. On at October, the Assembly established an eleven member United Nations Special Committee on the Balkans to assist Balkan states in resolving their difficulties and to observe their activities.

Australia was made a member of the Special Committee.

[AA : A1838, 854/10/7, ii]