344 Embassy in Washington to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 955 WASHINGTON, 21 July 1947


Your 863.

Following is text of Aide Memoire communicated to State Department on July 15.

The Australian Government has considered the proposal communicated on July 11, 1947, by Assistant Secretary of State Hilldring for the holding of a Conference composed of representatives from the eleven States members of the Far Eastern Commission to discuss a Peace Treaty for Japan, and welcomes the suggestion of the United States Government that a Conference take place at an early date.

While no doubt the procedure followed by the Council of Foreign Ministers has led to the idea that a deputy or committee system could be started without a prior meeting at the highest governmental level, the Australian Government feels that such a prior meeting is highly desirable and indeed essential. In the view of the Australian Government the eleven governments concerned might take part in a short initial meeting immediately prior to or immediately after the forthcoming meeting of the United Nations General Assembly. The date of August 19th tentatively suggested by Assistant Secretary of State Hilldring is considered by the Australian Government to be wholly impracticable.

No written reply has yet been received.

[AA : A3300/2, 745]