376 Evatt to MacArthur [1]

[NEW YORK], 29 November 1947



'I have been confidentially informed by the United States State Department that they are considering agreeing to Chinese proposal that Japanese Peace Conference should follow the same system of voting as Far Eastern Commission, that is with veto for the United States, China, the United Kingdom and the U.S.S.R. Veto system would mean tremendous difficulties in reaching a just and early settlement. Such a system also would not recognise Australia's right to be a party principal in the settlement, a right earned by her war effort and her part in the occupation of Japan under your command. I have sent a very secret message to General Marshall urging the foregoing considerations and asking that matter be further discussed with Australia before any commitment is given. I hope our attitude has your agreement and support.'


1 The message was passed to MacArthur by the Mission in Tokyo.
[AA: A5104/2, 8/8]