391 Plimsoll to Burton Cablegram UN1099 9 November 1947, 5.06 p.m. Received 10 November 1947


Assembly 147.

1. Have discussed with Dr. Evatt the United States proposal on Japanese reparations presented to F.E.C. last week and cabled to Canberra by the Washington Embassy allotting shares to each country with United States putting major part of its own share back into pool. [1] The best course for Australia would seem to be to announce that she is willing to support United States proposal and as a contribution towards securing agreement is prepared to put 7% of her own share back into the pool on same conditions as United States provided that in the remaining 1% Australia's special claims to whaling ships and equipment are recognised when these items become available for removal. If Australia accepts such a course, it would be desirable to make our announcement as early as possible so that there will be no appearance of reluctance and so that we might be able to influence reactions of other countries to United States proposal before they become committed to a different course. We would appreciate comments as soon as possible. F.E.C. meets 13th November.

2. I have asked Embassy to ascertain what use United States intends to make of the 10% it is retaining for itself. Probably it will be given to Korea.

1 On 6 November the US member of the FEC proposed a revised schedule, differing slightly from that given in Document 384, note 2, but retaining the proposed 8% share for Australia. The United States also proposed to redistribute 18% from its own share (28%) among FEC countries.

[AA : A1838,479/10, iv]