406 Embassy in Washington to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 6[95] [1] WASHINGTON, 30 May 1947, 5.54 p.m.


FEC. 13[9] [2] . Basic Policy.

Reference your 601 paragraph 2.

1. F.E.C. Met 29th May. Mr. Makin represented Australia.

2. The Commission discussed the Basic Policy. Strong probability now that U.S.S.R. will soon be able to accept the paper with a minor amendment. [3]

3. Mr. Makin drew attention to the long delay in adoption of the paper. He said that if it had been adopted when Dr. Evatt originally prepared it it would have been an important contribution to the Allied control of Japan. But the situation had changed in the past eighteen months, and moreover we were on the eve of the Peace Conference. We would hardly accept the draft now.

4. Mr. McCoy admitted the cogency of these arguments but said it was the strong view of the United States Government that paper should nevertheless be adopted by F.E.C. Berendsen said New Zealand desired [FEC] [4] to adopt Basic Policy. The situation had admittedly changed, but the documents stated basic principles which were still true and worthy of adoption. Wellington Koo said China wanted the paper to be adopted. French member said he felt sure his Government would also want the paper adopted.

5. It is clear that when the Basic Policy paper is put to a vote it will be carried with the support of all other countries. The French member suggested privately to us that slight changes might be made to the title and introduction of the document to indicate that it applied only to the period of occupation.

6. We would appreciate your early views on the foregoing.

1 The file copy is numbered, apparently in error, 659.

2 The file copy has been altered by hand from 137.

3 The paper is published as Document 427 in Volume VIII. See also note 1 to Document 249 in Volume IX.

4 Matter in brackets has been added by hand.

[AA : A1838,481/23]