435 Embassy in Washington to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 49 WASHINGTON, 10 January 1947


Following paper has been drafted by sub-committee of Australia, China and USA:

'1. Japanese research or other activity in the field of atomic energy should be governed by the following:

(a) Such United Nations decisions on international control of atomic energy as are applicable.

(b) Additional restrictive policies established for the disarmament and control of Japan.

2. In view of continuing discussion of the foregoing, FEC considers that the Japanese should not be permitted at present to conduct research in the field of atomic energy or to develop or use atomic energy. The Commission accordingly establishes the following policy:

(a) All research in Japan, of either a fundamental or applied nature, in the field of atomic energy should be prohibited, including:

(1) All research or development which has for its purpose the production of fissionable atomic species.

(2) All research or development which has for its purpose the separation or concentration of fissionable species of atomic isotopes from the naturally occurring isotope mixture of a chemical element.

(b) All development or construction in Japan which has for its purpose the utilization of atomic nuclear energy should be prohibited.

(c) The mining, processing, and refining of radioactive materials in Japan for authorized purposes, such as radium for medical uses, may be permitted only in those instances specifically approved by SCAP and under his surveillance.' Would appreciate your comments as soon as possible. [1]

1 This paper,FEC-024/6,was approved by the Steering Committee on 14 January and unanimously adopted by the FEC on 30 January.


On 7 January the FEC Steering Committee discussed FEC-024/2, a US proposal on Japanese scientific research in the field of atomic energy. The paper was received critically and opposed by Australia, China, New Zealand, the Philippines and the Soviet Union. A sub-committee was established to draft a new paper.

[AA : A3300/2, 745C]