438 Embassy in Washington to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 653 WASHINGTON, 21 May 1947, 10.14 a.m.


F.E.C. 130.

The Canadian Embassy have shown us confidentially a cable received from E.H. Norman, Canadian Representative in Tokyo. States that the Japanese Government may be invited to report its views, without prejudice, to the Peace Conference. Japanese Foreign Office officials in Central Liaison Office are working on data papers on the Peace Settlement including request to retain- (A) Armed Force of 100,000 (B) Small Air Force to patrol coast and outlying islands.

(C) The Kuriles and probably Southern Sakhalin as bulwarks against the Soviet.

Norman reports the Japanese want Ryukyus to be administered for some time by the United States, with Japanese sovereignty over these islands to be established eventually. The Japanese also hope that the United States or United Nations will not maintain long term Military and Naval bases in Japan proper as this would produce among Japanese a 'colonial minded' psychology.

[AA : A5466/2, CCJ5/A]