456 Hasluck to Evatt

Cablegram UN192 NEW YORK, 26 February 1947, 11 a.m.


Received 27 February 1947

1. Cadogan has received instructions general effect of which will be that United Kingdom will not oppose United States trusteeship application unless there is other opposition including at least one other permanent member. They do not wish to be placed in position of standing out alone against United States and certainly not of running risk of having to exercise veto in vote on approval of draft agreement. Therefore Cadogan is likely to wait to see how Council is moving and may eventually take the line that while United Kingdom had doubts and had thought delay preferable they agreed with final objective and as Council was prepared to make decision at once, United Kingdom would not oppose. United Kingdom cannot be depended on to make early statement in debate.

2. Cadogan will support us to-day in trying to obtain weeks postponement. [1]

1 Following presentation of the US statement and commentary on the draft trusteeship agreement, Australia requested postponement to allow time for further study. Discussion was to resume on 7 March.
[AA : A1838,333/4, i]