467 Makin to Evatt

Cablegram 403 WASHINGTON, 21 March 1947, 6.06 p.m.


1. On getting your No.339 this morning I sought appointment with Acting Secretary of State who was at Congressional Committee Hearings all the morning but made special arrangements to see me at lunchtime.

I showed him copy of your message to Hasluck and expressed hope that in view of your new instructions Austin might be directed to make an expression of appreciation of Australia's support of the United States proposal in such terms as to correct unfortunate impression which some of his earlier statements may have given.

Acheson expressed gratification at terms of instructions, and said that he would discuss them today with Austin, who is at present in Washington.

2. I also spoke of your desire for an early settlement of question of Manus, and drew his attention to the fact that no reply had yet been received to your aide-memoire to Ambassador Butler on 19th February. He said that the United States Government would give this matter prompt attention, adding that he and other Senior Officials of the State Department had been compelled to devote half their time throughout recent weeks to attendance at Congressional Committees.

3. I emphasised once again your supreme concern that there should be the closest contact between Australia and the United States even at most preliminary stages of discussions on Japanese settlement. Acheson reaffirmed that the United States Government 'has this very much in mind'. He said once again that nothing could be done until Marshall's return to Washington.

[AA : A1067, P46/10/61, i]