484 Evatt to Burton

Cablegram unnumbered HMAT KANIMBLA, 19 July 1947, 3.45 a.m.


Your telegram 16.

I am prepared to leave all arrangements for the journey to Tokyo to MacArthur and will make my plans accord with any schedule he may decide upon. I think that a message should be routed through Shedden, Ball being kept informed. It could be indicated by Shedden that I should be pleased to fly from Kure to Tokyo if this should be recommended by MacArthur, say on Saturday following my arrival which is now scheduled for Friday 25th. I see little advantage in a railway journey by night from Kure to Osaka but it may be intended to do this by day which would prove of interest.

It should be made perfectly clear by Shedden that I regard MacArthur's decision to meet me at the airport as an honour and I am anxious to fit in in every way with his plans, also that I greatly appreciate his courtesy in placing his personal aircraft at my disposal for the journey.

[AA : A4311/1, BOX 449]