546 Moodie to Burton

Minute CANBERRA, 30 September 1947

After discussion, Mr. Pyman and I are satisfied that there is considerable need for us to obtain regular reports regarding developments in British Solomon Islands and other British possessions adjacent to Australian territories. This is reinforced by the fact that these possessions are included within the Australian Naval Station.

2. Such information should presumably come to us through the United Kingdom High Commissioner in Canberra and we, therefore, recommend that an official approach be made to him to secure such information for us. Recent events in the British Solomon Islands found us with very little information on which to base any decision.

3. In that case, in the upshot, an R.N. warship went to Guadalcanal. Are you aware of exactly what arrangements are in being between Australian and British Naval authorities to provide for action in such cases? It is conceivable that the same situation may arise again in the Solomons or elsewhere within the Australian Naval Station. [1]

1 These questions had been raised by Commander A.S. Storey, Director of Naval Intelligence, at a Joint Intelligence Committee meeting on 18 September, and Moodie had undertaken to make enquiries. Burton replied that he would prefer the matter to be raised informally and verbally with Hankinson.

[AA : A1838,317/2/1, i]