552 Department of External Affairs to Cutler

Cablegram 98 CANBERRA, 14 April 1947, 2.25 p.m.

Interim Secretariat for carrying our preparatory arrangements in connection with establishment South Pacific Commission has now been set up and commenced work today under the direction of Kerr, Principal of the School of Pacific Administration, Sydney.

Draft communications conveying this information have been prepared for transmission to representatives of the United Kingdom, United States, French and Netherlands Governments in Canberra. While we are not obliged to suggest it, invitation to these Governments to make appointments to interim Secretariat if they so desire is being extended. As preliminary arrangements are joint undertaking of Australia and New Zealand we should be glad to learn whether New Zealand Government concurs. [1]

1 McIntosh advised on 16 April that R.H. Wade would act on behalf of New Zealand, and agreed that invitations to other governments should help dispel any suspicion of undue advantage for Australians and New Zealanders in the permanent secretariat. For the same reason, he suggested that officers working on the preliminary organisation be seconded and paid by their own governments rather than employed by the secretariat.

[AA : A1838,344/1/1]