568 Department of External Affairs to Copland

Cablegram B1 CANBERRA, 2 December 1947

We agree the ECAFE should consider plans for developing industry in the Far Eastern region. In fact, this is perhaps its most important long-term function and industrial development would, inter alia, avoid continuance of Japanese domination of Far Eastern markets. [1]

You should, however, keep in mind instructions contained in our 143 [2] and avoid any discussion on Japanese levels of industry, reparations from current production to build up other Far Eastern economies etc.

1 A resolution calling for a report and proposals to assist development was submitted by Copland and adopted by the Commission.

2 Cablegram 143, dispatched 25 November, advised that Australia was opposed to any consideration by the Commission of questions that were primarily the concern of the peace conference. The Commission might, however, discuss the impact on the ECAFE region of the occupation of Japan and F.E.C. interim policy already decided upon.

[AA : A1068, ER47/3/18]