11 Department of External Affairs to Kirby

Cablegram 14 CANBERRA, 10 January 1948


Your K.35, 36, 37. [1]

We agree in principle with course of action you are following.

Proposal in para. 12 of your K.35 appears logical and desirable in the circumstances. Before committing yourself to go to New York you should, however, sound out Republicans and ascertain how far they are prepared to go in resisting Dutch demands. If your discussions at Djokjakarta confirm that Republican position could still be helped by your going to New York, we would hope to be able to obtain approval bearing in mind your other commitments here. Since radio telegraph to Sydney is now open you may be able to communicate with us from Djokjakarta; we shall try to contact you through same channel. Cypher if you have facilities with you.


1 The words in square brackets, added by hand, were in the version cabled to Canberra in A3195, 1948 1557. The text originally read:

'exercise great influence'.

2 Kirby replied on 10 January that cypher facilities were available at Djokjakarta and that the Department of External Affairs should send its messages to both Batavia and Djokjakarta.

[AA:A1838, 403/3/1/1, xiv]