118 Critchley to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram K107 KALIURANG, 25 April 1948

Meeting of Security Committee April 23, indicated some improvement in atmosphere and resulted in solution of several immediate problems:-

1. Republican account of steps taken to prevent infiltration of military personnel, hostile broadcasts and other infringements of truce agreement were accepted as satisfactory by Dutch. This follows numerous allegations by both parties of various kinds of truce infringements.

2. Sub Committee on prisoners of war reported agreement to commence releases immediately. Next week 1500 TNI prisoners will be released by Netherlands and 6 Dutch prisoners (total number held) by Republic.

3. Other Sub Committee reported agreement to commence two way movement of families of military personnel of both sides who are separated from family heads by status quo lines. Movement to commence next week.

4. Netherlands agreed to long standing Republican request to discuss widening of demilitarized zones and a sub-committee has been established to discuss this.

5. Republic agreed to discuss disposal of German and Japanese personnel in Republican territory for which purpose a sub- committee has been set up.

[AA:A4357/2, 48/254, iii]