124 Australian Delegation, United Nations, to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram UN383 NEW YORK, 1 May 1948, 9.21 p.m.



1. Dr. Choa, one of the Republican representatives here, has informally asked some of the members of the Security Council to get the Council to investigate alleged Dutch violations of Renville Agreement, particularly naval blockade. [1]

2. In the Security Council the 29th, President (Colombia) on request of Tsiang (China), agreed to ask the Committee of Good Offices for a report in accordance with the February resolution.


3. Palar informs us that the Dutch in East Java are preventing the Republicans from making propaganda in anticipation of plebiscites and that the Dutch propose that plebiscites should be held throughout Java, Sumatra and Madura, (i.e. including present Republican-controlled territory.) Palar hinted that Dr. Graham's successor has disappointed the Republicans and implied that American activities are contributing to a feeling of desperation among the leaders of the Republic.

4. It would be helpful to hear your views of the present position.

1 The New York Times reported on 29 and 30 April that Palar and Tjoa had presented an informal appeal to members of the Security Council to investigate alleged Dutch violations of the Renville Agreement, including a naval blockade, Dutch restrictions on Republican plebiscite propaganda in Netherlands-held territory, delay in negotiations for a final agreement, the establishment of puppet governments and the suppression of free speech and assembly.

2 See Documents 96 and 97.

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