156 Salim to Evatt

Letter DJOKJAKARTA, 2 June 1948

The message conveyed by your Goodwill Mission [1] fills us with gratitude and faith. On the one hand we are grateful for your intimate understanding as to the needs of our country and the people of Indonesia in this time of incessant trials, expounded so by the assistance assured to us by your Mission. On the other hand by this deed of goodwill we become more confident that cordial relations between two countries can always take place and be maintained, as long as true and mutual understanding exists between the two countries.

Those in charge are now busy selecting the species and quantities of relief goods [2] needed and a detailed list will be presented to your Government by Dr. Oesman Sastroamidjojo, our representative in Canberra. Under the present condition however I deem it necessary to request you to set apart the portion intended for the Republic and send it separately and directly to the address of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia, such to avoid complications.

Looking forward to your favourable decision in this matter I submit on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia to you once again my deep felt gratitude, and may this deed of goodwill for the years to come blossom forth into a real and broader understanding between the Australian and Indonesian people.

1 See Document 167.

2 See paragraph 5 of Document 147.

[AA:A1838, 381/1/3/1]